Below are just a taste of the many things to do in & around Inverawe…


This busy harbour town just 22 miles from Inverawe .  It is the Calmac port for ferries to 24 destinations off Scotlands’s west coast, the nearest being the fascinating Isle of Mull, plus sailings further to the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Oban has lots of great shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.  With its own Distillery, Chocolate Factory, War and Peace Museum which gives a brilliant history of the area, or walk up to the famous Macaigs Tower at the top – there is lots to see and do.  Atlantis Leisure centre has a swimming pool, gym, and fitness classes.  For history visit Dunollie Castle, or take the ferry over to Kerrara Island.

Tralee Beach

Tralee Beach – Benderloch

Miles of clean sandy beach and shallow waters. This is where I used to take the children on those hot sunny days – I now go as Granny! It’s a wonderful day out, and the garage at Benderloch have a great range of buckets and spades.

The Cruachan Power Station

Cruachan Power Station

Just a mile along the road towards Lochawe is the Cruachan Visitor Centre. Buried almost 1km below the centre is a massive cavern, as high as the Tower of London. It houses enormous turbines converting the power of water into electricity. A coach takes you deep into the heart of the mountain to a different world, so warm that sub-tropical plants grow. It’s like stepping into a James Bond film set. A must on your list!

St Conans Church & Kilchurn Castle – Lochawe

Situated in the middle of Lochawe, St Conans was built in 1886 and was completed in 1927. Not restricted by convention or orthodoxy, the building is a riot of different styles and periods. It is well worth a visit and remember – the outside is as amazing as the inside. Further along the road just after you leave Lochawe, the road bends to the right over the bridge. Just beyond the bridge is a track off the road: this is the unmarked car park to Kilchurn Castle. From here follow the path under the railway bridge, across the marshes to the castle. It is a magical place; you can climb right up to the top, with magnificent views up and down the loch.

Inveraray Castle

The seat of the Dukes of Argyll. The current castle was built in 1745 and is still lived in by the current Duke and Duchess. Discover the heritage and traditions of his forebears and how their influence helped to shape this Royal Burgh of today. Explore the 16 acres of spectacular gardens. Enjoy the local fayre of the tearoom in the cellar.

Inveraray Jail

Inveraray Jail

This is not to be missed. Its history shows the hardship and life of the local people. Discover how wrongdoers were dealt with – it only took a theft of a chicken to be transported to Australia for life. With real live models and a courtroom in session, it is a superb experience for all the family